Should I wait or move on?


Last year, I lost my job and was evicted out of my home. I moved in with the first person who allowed and she ended up being nuts. This guy that I initially had a one night stand with but we later became friends with benefits offered to have me stay with him until I could make enough money to get my own place. After 2 months of living there I found out I was pregnant (yes i know where babies come from, I was told by a dr I wasn’t able to have kids anymore) SOOO… long story short, I moved, went through adoption counseling and desided to keep my baby. My friend with benefits was mad at first but is now a really great support and father. I have made a mistake, I think, and have fallen deeply in love with him. I’m pansexual and this is the first man I’ve ever loved so it’s really confusing for me. He says he feels the same way but doesn’t want to settle down and he wants to stay single. He had another friend with benefits where he was living and she was under the impression that they would eventually get together. I’m taking this as that he is just not that into me but doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. On the other hand, he drunk dials me often and tells me how much he loves me. On our intitial “one night stand”, he told me I’d be his future wife because he could stare into my eyes for the rest of his life.. he seeked me out and found out my # and everything through mutual friends. Am I just being led on? Should I separate myself and move on? Or should I wait for him to grow a pair and ask me out?

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Move on, if he doesn't 'have a pair' he isn't worth your time.