should I vent her or not? and how?


This is my story: these last 6 months have been like hell with my brother’s girlfriend. she tried everything to tear apart my family like saying that she doesn’t like my boyfriend. In the last month she’s telling lies about me and won’t talk to me. My parents don’t care about this. They only care that she loves my brother. I don’t really know if she loves him. Should I burst screaming at her that I know every lie she told about me or should I leave it to faith if it’s meant to be?

Category: asked September 18, 2013

1 Answer

Ignore it , ignore her . If she manages to screw up she's out for good . Chances are ; You will not be abandoned by your family , more so , she will be . Support them when it's needed . And if you've already told your brother , prepare an " I told you so " ( of course , you show him that you do have genuine concern for him - mockery isn't all that cool ) .