Should I stay quiet or say something?


Alright so I am freshman – I got put in a class as well with two other freshman in a sports class with mostly upperclassmen ( Only because they couldnt find any other class to place us in so we didnt really have a choice) now this class is ” advanced volleyball’ should sound like fun right ? I was looking forward to this class until I realized most of the upperclassmen girls were rude af. Like no joke they will dramatize everything , you miss a ball or a serve they will give you the worst looks ever or call you out or just groan at you. Even yesterday( we are assigned new groups everyday but I know none of these people because NONE of them ever really talk to us – freshman-) I didnt know whose team I was on so I was simply chatting with one of my freshman friends until one of the upperclassmen yelled at me -_- Like is this really necessary? I want this class to be fun, two friends already got hurt by their comments – and Im starting to get really annoyed , its bad sportsmanship and no support , Im thinking of telling the teacher but anonymously (Otherwise I will get more bs) , but I dont know If i should cause I dont know if this just sounds like whining

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I see how you're feeling, but the thing is that older students are probably more serious about the volleyball team than you are. They might have scholarships, or dreams they want to achieve, and having anyone who is there just to "have fun" might be perceived as something that will just drag them behind. (The word advanced is there for a reason! Advanced usually = NOT fun for beginners).I was part of a volleyball team myself in high school and I was exactly like your seniors to the freshmen (I wasn't a bully though and never made anyone cry lol but it's just innervating to have people who are there just for fun when everyone else is in it to win it).I honestly do think you should tell your teacher though if you perceive it as a form of bullying. If, however, your friends are being too sensitive, then don't get involved in this. Find a different class or, if that's not a possibility, try to adapt. You might end up loving it at the end! I wish you luck!
High school unfortunetly can be a rough thing for people. My freshman year was the worst year because i remember the upper class man always disrespecting me as well. My parents always tell me that in 10 years high school wont even matter. I think when it gets to the point where you don't even want to stay in the class anymore then you should let someone know about it especially if your friends are hurt by these comments too. Dont let any of them stand up to you because in reality they are only doing it for their insecurities and are even more immature than you. In this situation you definitely look like the upper class man.
Well thank you , I honestly do see both point of views but did I also mention that most of these girls simply goof off during the class ._. ? They only get mad when me or my friends make mistakes, like today each time a girl messed up they just laughed or gave a rude stare again , I am sorry but I had to yell at them to get them to stop. seems like they dont understand anything else