Should I move back out?


Hi, all.

I have just recently moved back home to my parents after living with my boyfriend for 4 months. He made the initial choice to move back to his parents because he was unsure about his finances for school. Since I could not afford to live on my own while going to school, I had to move back to my parents as well.

Just recently, my boyfriend has told me that after sitting down with his father and talking about finances, he would like to keep living together. Now this is where the problems for me begin. My parents have just recenty bought a house with a basement so that I could have my space. My dad told me that it would be very irresponsible of me to move back out because I would be spending money that I could otherwise save.

I have figured out my finances and I know that I could afford to live on my own with my boyfriend. I just don’t know if I should. My heart tells me to do what would make me the happiest, and my mind is just confused and scared to tell my father. I fear that if I do, our relationship would go downhill very quickly.

So… should I stay or should I move out?

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hhmmmmthis is a pickle....seems like you two have a second chance to save up a major amount of money and if i were you i would stay put and so just that because when the money became scarce when you lived together sounds like you two paniced and that shows you both were unprepared and not thinking you moved back home.....dont be a yoyo child.....victory loves preperation
I say that it is best to go with your heart, and because you are okay financially and unless otherwise stated are experiencing no problems. If you are comfortable being by your boyfriends side and experiencing no sharp edges, I would honestly be with him. Money, really, doesn't matter in the long run. It is just a series of numbers after a dollar/yen sign. Sometimes, even though in general people can be pretty nice, and normally are, will employ a mindset of manipulative thinking. The way I see your dad, he wants you to stay "his" daughter, even though you have grown wings and learned to fly pretty well. Now, this is not saying your dad is evil but he wants to feel the closeness of having you around. To conclude, if you and your boyfriend can safely live together, there is no problem, and your dad is just being a dad, you can safely ignore the comment. Good luck!! Hope all goes well!
You could stay with your parents for a little longer, think it over and see exactly what you want to do. Just don't do something straight away that you might regret later, think out your options and choose with some sense rather than just by heart. Your happiness is a huge factor in this also, so it is a good balance to have your head and heart in on this decision. If you do choose to move out, explain your reasonings to your father, that might make him more understanding as to why you moved out. Good luck!