How do i deal with this freind>


I have this friend who i thought was rather close to me. She’s always wanting to know what people honestly think of her, but when people tell her, she yells at them, and stops being friends with them.

I stopped really telling her what i think, becasue usually if i do, she quite literally stomps off, sulks, and then chews me out for what I’ve said ( Did I mentions she’s only 18) . I can’t really talk to anyone about her, because even if its the nicest thing in the world, she takes it the wrong way.

I told a friend of ours today that i think she can be a little obsessvie about her fiancee. When the other girl confronted me about it , i was honest, said i myself am not any better, and apologized, saying it was my opinion and mine alone. She then proceeded to go off on me, saying i’m talkign shit about her all the time, and thet she’s done.

This isn’t the first time, nor the first person she’s done this too. A week ago, she told me to stop posting on Facebook about my fiancee, becasue it made her miss her’s. She also tiold me she doesn’;t want me talkign about him around her, becasue it makes her miss her fiancee even more ( he lives in Texas, she lives in New Mexico) I complied for her sake, and that still doesn’t make her happy.

How do i stay friends with her, when she acts this way? SHould i just give up on this friendship?

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Honestly, I think for the long run, you should consider distancing yourself from him and all things related to him. Even though you have completely detached your feelings for him and want to be friends from the bottom of your heart, sometimes it's just better to let it go all together. Now, I'm not saying cut him off cold turkey, but if you're getting put in situations more and more where you're fighting instead of getting along, I'm afraid my dear that those aren't friendships at all.