Should I date a boy who has many problems?


-he was homeless a couple of times
-he does ecstasy
-smokes like a madman
-has no family, his parents died , the only family he has is his grandpa but he is addiction to drugs
-left home at 15 years old
-he has been to a lot of places but never settles down
-likes money a lot
-he is honest o.o
-kind, sweet, doesn’t like to take advantage
-caring, loving
-ambitious , wants a better future and wants a relationship with me
-is getting a job now to get money again
-likes to travel
-good listener and talker
-appreciates everything
-mature for his age
-generally has an awesome personality **
lol what should i do?

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When ever I am problem solving I follow these steps: 1) What are my choices? 2) What are the consequences (positive and negative) of each of my choices? 3) Who who is involved, and who might get involved for each consequence. 4) Where will I be in 3 years if each choice is made? 5) If I end up making the wrong choice, what are my back-up plans? And finally, 6) Will this make me a better person? Map this out and then you can see what road you would rather take. If you get stuck at a dead end, START there. For example, if getting getting a dog was the end choice of one road, start a new map at getting a dog!What are my choices? -Getting a big dog -Getting a small dog. What are the consequences? -Big dogs can scare children, but they are protective... -Small dogs have a really annoying bark, yet they don't big messes. Who is involved? Me, the potential dog, who ever is living with me, who the dog comes from, trainers, neighbors, etc. And you continue down the list until, then look back and see what road you prefer. Good luck!! Hope this helped. This is my first question! Loves, M.
I think so. I say give him the benefit of the doubt until he does something to give you reason otherwise.
"he does ecstasy"
He deals it too or he's a just an 'e' supplier? Or is it for his personal consumption? And if he does that for a living, it's quite unstable. But he's getting a job, so he might just stop doing e if he's got a legit way to get cash.
if you weight the amount of positives and negatives, the positives wins indeed but doing ex is not a joke, can he stop? what if he can't? also you say he never settles down, will that change when you become his gf?If i may suggest just think of the negatives, and can u be with him despite all his negatives? (the positives are always good stuff so no need to think about that)
He has an addiction to drugs? I don't know what drugs he does on top of ecstasy, but that sounds like a pretty big red flag, specially for someone who doesn't seem to have income. Rather than looking at intentions, wait until he actually finds a job and holds it AKA he shows he can handle basic responsibilities.
Whatever you decide, don't start with the idea that you can fix him. You can't.
doing going to ruin everything being poor and homeless is nothing but being addict is huge problem i wouldn't recommend it