should i continue my education?!


I’m 24 now and i left high school when i was 16, i’ve been thinking about going to adults high school and continuing my education, not sure if it’s a good decision and not sure if i’m ready for that, plus it will take lots of my time and i probably wont be able to work as many hours as i do now, do you think it’s worth it?

Category: asked March 13, 2015

3 Answers

Indeed I do! If needed work doing the day and do school during night! plus of you need help during school there are any who will help...Whats the harm?
You can always just test to get your GED! I dunno if it's too late wherever you live or not, but there's a possibility of that option
You may able test out of it to achieve the goal, but you definitely need to finish one way or another. Showing that you can finish what you start is important in the world. Additionally, it should be important to you and your self-confidence. Do it!