Should I be worried that I might be pregnant?


So this weekend, me and my boyfriend had sex without a condom (stupid idea, i know) he for sure did not finish in me and i took plan B about 2-3 hours after it happened. What are the chances that I could be pregnant?

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Anytime you put "penis in vagina" you risk pregnancy. Precum doesn't generally have a lot of sperm in it, but it does have some. It sounds like you've taken care of things as best you can for the moment, but is there any chance at all? Yes, there is.I would suggest you treat your body with kindness for the next few days, and let the Plan B do its job. I'd also highly suggest that you and your partner have a serious sit-down discussion about birth control options, and what you plan to do in case of a pregnancy. Be very open and honest with one another, and don't hold back. This is the kind of stuff that makes or breaks a relationship, and it's better to know how it will work out BEFORE you find yourself alone with a blooming belly.
Well give it a few days and if you get your period then the plan B pill might have worked. I don't want to scare you but even if your boyfriend feel like he didn't cum he could have "pre-cummed" I wouldn't worry the plan b pill usually hurt but take care of yourself until you know for sure. Hope you are doing ok and hope you are not worry too much
Hi, I think this advice has already been given but I would wait for your period and then if it doesn't come then do a pregnancy test straight away so then at least you'll know.
"pre cum" doesnt usually have any sperm thingies in it, its just there for lubrication or whatever. it might take some old sperms with it, from last time the guy masturbated, though