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i really want to try and be the class clown but i have no idea how to be the class clown, i have very little friends, i am sadly not confident and i do not know how to get it and i really want that name as the class clown before i graduate, please help

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I agree with the person above. Don't force it. Tbh humour usually comes out when you're confortable in your own skin and confortable with the people that are around you. Just be yourself. Quite cliche, I know, but it's the truth. People want to know the real you, not a fake you. Good luck :)
This is really depressing.

You can learn confidence, you can learn comedic timing, you can learn how to be funny, but you can't force it. Gotta let it come naturally, unfortunately. I know this probably isn't helpful at all, but nobody can give you a set of instructions on how to be a funny person. Sorry. Baby steps, and all that.
Don't be a class clown for the purpose of reputation. Realize that after graduation, no one will remember or recall you most of the time besides your friends. I know that right now the social hierarchy and pressure of high school is affecting you, but realize that it's not going to be forever.
Don't. Don't try and be one. Nothing good comes from it.