Same Problem For 6 Years!!


Just a little bit of background for you guys before I explain the real problem:
My dad died six years ago from a drug overdose. It was just my little sister, my older brother and I that were home, my mom was at work.
It was the most terrible loss that I have and will ever face in my life. I was daddy’s little girl, he was my best friend. We did absolutely everything together and never went a day without him.
But after six years, I’m over it- I’ve dealt with it as much as I possibly could and there’s nothing left to face.
So the problem- my mom thinks I need counseling. I don’t understand! I went through a few tough years of severe depression through my teenage years, but it was totally unrelated to my father’s death and I’ve been long since over it. I’m fine now.
She made me go to this thing for teenagers who have lost loved ones. we sit in these little groups and just talk. But all of the kids there lost their mothers/fathers in the past few months/weeks. Why does my mom think I need to be there NOW? after SIX YEARS. Help? Please tell me if I left out anything that made the question confusing or hard to answer!

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My dad passed four years ago and sometimes its just nice to talk with other people who are going through went through the same thing as youh. sometimes youh need that and dont even know it i would say try it out. Its up to youh really. but i like going and we dont just talk about our deaceased parents
I know some of what you went through. I lost my older brother to drugs when I was 13, and he was 19. I also lost one of my best friends to drugs when I was 17. It's good that you've faced your father's passing and have been able to move forward. As for this situation with your mother, have you tried sitting her down and explaining to her that you don't need counseling? And if you already explained that to her, you might ask yourself if maybe she's trying to force this on you because she hasn't been able to move forward herself.
I think your mom is just worried about you. Sometimes a loss of a loved one has a haunting way of coming back and she just wants to make sure you're a strong young woman given how close you and your father were. I don't think she's doing it to harm you.It could be that maybe she's struggling with the loss still and she's projecting it on you by putting you through the sessions or she just feels you're hiding being fine. Either way, maybe you should just try to talk to her and tell her you're uncomfortable being in those sessions with people suffering from recent losses. I really hope the best to you sweetheart. Hold your head high no matter what the outcome may be
You're an amazingly strong person. I think it's maybe what was said already, your mom still isn't over his passing. If she didn't place you in a program or group at the beginning, she may be trying to make up for it now, or she's only moving on now. I would sit down with your mom, tell her it's okay that she didn't do anything immediately. You were all suffering and in shock, and you've all dealt with it in your own ways. Then tell her you've moved on, and why you feel the group isn't helpful, or detrimental even. Maybe your mom sees something you don't. As in, you may think youre okay now, but she sees something else. It's a terrible thing youve had to deal with. I hope you can talk things through with your mom. All the best etc.