This might seem childish and petty, but I applied for a scholarship and got rejected. It’s really shaken me up though. It was an art scholarship and art has been my talent all my life, and although this sounds big headed, I’ve only ever received positive feedback about my art, I’ve been accepted for my previous scholarships, and thought it was my calling. But recently I’ve been completely stressing out over exams and GCSEs and my passion for it has diminished… My schoolwork is not of good standard, I break down in lessons all the time, I just hate it so much. My art teacher thinks I’m useless and now with this rejection I’m so upset. Art has been my talent all my life and now I’m failing myself. My mum just stared at me like I was a huge failure when I read the letter out. And no doubt my friends will judge me (because I’m known in my year for my art – sorry to sound big headed again) and I just feel so embarrassed and a let down. It seems like a huge overreaction but it’s just all been piling on top of me recently. I just don’t know what to think

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Short answer: What awards you've won and the title next to your name in NO WAY defines you as a human being.Long answer: Rejection, like the rest of adversity, is a constant and teeming tide. Once you let it define you, you're no longer you. Take adversity by the throat and you will be its master.Longer answer: Your art can be powerful without a scholarship lending your art its weight. You have no reason to worry; if your talent shines, then a missed scholarship won't even begin to smudge your reputation. Go to a good school, make a name for yourself, and found your own scholarship, so artists ahead of you can be inspired just like you were. In the end, in the face of determination and talent and just enough will, nothing can stop you.Wow, that sounded cheesy. xD
First of all, you are good at Art so belive it no matter what! You don't even sound big headed and the fact that you are saying that makes me believe that surely you are a great artist. Rejection is part of success because it forces you to keep pushing harder to get something. Always remember that not everything is good or bad, perhaps the rejection makes you do or make or discover something you didn't think of before. Don't even think about what other people say, they aren't you, they can judge you about it but they are just oppinions, just that, there is no reason to be embarassed or scared about them. You know yourself better than everyone.