Ready to give up on life


I’ve been having issues recently. I’ve not been able to really express it to anyone because they’ve not…they don’t, or I think they won’t understand. I think I’m bipolar. I get frequent mood swings, and I go from ecstatically happy to downright depressed and resigned (but I get mood swings frequently and I have for a while). I have really bad anxiety as well and have insomnia.

The last day of being on my holiday, I didn’t eat my dinner and since then I’ve had zero appetite and have had no enthusiasm towards eating whatsoever. Literally, the foods that I loved so much I now just don’t care anymore. At school I give away my food to other people and at home I do eat, but that’s because I don’t want my family to worry, although I do leave food left over now, and I didn’t use to. I’m an insomniac, and I’ve been sleeping occasionally but waking up feeling like I haven’t rested and feeling tired as hell. I’m burning out and I’m struggling so much, I just don’t know what to do.

It’s sorta like, I love so much that I hate everything; I feel so much I feel nothing – like I’m empty; I care so much that I just can’t/don’t care anymore. I’m so stressed out and I just want to give up. What do I do?

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i understand you i feel the same way its like i enjoy when things go wrong even though it hurts myself more so dont feel alone on this
Google Highly Sensitive People. I am a highly sensitive person so everything that happens to me I feel. I walk into a room and I can feel everything, the way the couch positioned makes the room feel a certain way to me. I also have been going through a stage in my life where food just isn't something my body wants. Sometimes your body acts strange because of stress. Try and relax or look up like a meditation on youtube (this always helps me). To fall asleep and stay asleep at night I listen to a deep rest meditation and I always feel better in the morning. It doesn't sound like your bipolar just depressed. Talking is the key to your answers. I know it sounds hard but the more you open up the more honest you are with yourself. I find that by just talking to someone else I can find the root of my unhappiness. Sometimes Im not happy with that answer and it makes it harder but just know that you are created for a reason you just have to find it! Stay strong and feel free to message me anytime you need to let loose!