promote blah therapy?


i think a lot of people who may need it but dont know about it. and also people who would like to help

asked June 28, 2014

4 Answers

Matter of fact, I told my friend about it too
I go on about it with my sisters too. So, yea. I guess, like Giggle Blizzard said, you shouldn't publicize it on other sites. Just tell it to people you think genuinely need helping or who are willing to eagerly lend an ear and help others. I mean, Blah could seriously use more of those kinds of people, since it's been invaded with trolls recently! (:
You can only suggest it. They might try it out and like it
It's better to tell people in person about this site than to promote it by putting it up somewhere, because that draws the attention of a lot of assholes who just want to mess wit things.
As I said on Twitter: I actively promote BlahTherapy by word of mouth. I am looking into printing a few hundred business cards to hand out whenever I identify someone who I may think could use peer counseling.