Over-Reacting ?


I tend to ask my boyfriend does he wanna break up or is he sure that he wants to be with me because of our past we have been talking for almost 2 years now we broke up once and then he came back changed for the better. but I still think he talks to other girls when I’m not around or like flirts with them am I over reacting or scared to get hurt again :(

Category: asked October 17, 2014

4 Answers

You're probably scared to get hurt again, but your boyfriend also have to respect your boundaries. you should talk to him about it and ask if he flirts and such with other women. If he does then you must ask him to stop (and he will if you are more important to him than them, if he can't well then you either have to accept it or find somebody else sorry to say). BUT you should also try to trust and accept that if he tells you he doesn't flirt with other women, then you have to trust that and not make up small pieces in your head for the big puzzle. Trust what he says.And if you get annoyed by him simply talking with other women then you should try to figure out a way to control your jealousy, because talking to another human being is as innocent as it can be :)Good luck!
Communication is the key to most things, and especially to successful relationships. Being able to talk things through will strengthen every relationship you have. It isn't easy, but it's very worthwhile to learn how to effectively communicate.

Communication has four parts (or five, depending on who you ask): what you say, what he hears, what he says, and what you hear (and the fifth part, which sometimes applies, is what outside people hear or overhear). Sometimes, when we talk to someone, we're actually talking AT them. We're not verifying if they've actually heard what we've said. Sometimes, people hear your words, but don't understand them or misunderstand them. By working on all four parts of communication, you can make sure that the important things you're saying are actually being heard on his end (and vice versa, by the way).

There isn't enough information here for me to give you a really in depth answer. If he is a good person and there is no abuse going on, if he has not given you any indications of cheating or infidelity (talking to other females is not necessarily an indication of anything other than ... talking), then spending the time to learn better communication skills together would be of huge benefit to you. As always, if abuse is present, please do walk away.
You do not trust him. If that mistrust is founded you should leaved him. If not do you think that you could trust him again if not then again you should leave him for both your sake. Trust is a essential part of any relationship without it you cannot work.
I have no way to tell if you are just being jealous and imagining things or whether he really talks to other girls too much. you probably, if i can say it, know the truth of that question better than me. if he really is talking to other girls too much that is a bad sign. perhaps a more loyal boyfriend would be better.