over my ex or just…?


One day Im over my ex and the next im not. I just wanna get over him. its so hard to move on from something that i thought was going last forever.

Tags: asked November 19, 2014

3 Answers

I Agree with the NO CONTACT rule. But be strong and keep moving forward. this is so Unsolicited but do find distraction and try new hobbies and avoid things that will remind you of him. Easier said than done, but you have to cleanse him out of your syste
Time is needed. NO CONTACT is good advice too.
I agree with the others about the no contact rule. But I wanted to add you cannot stay so hung up on your ex. I'm sure you had a lovely relationship but now it's time to focus on you. Go find some things you enjoy doing, get some new or expand on old hobbies. You must start bettering yourself and taking care of yourself for the grieving time to work faster, because if you sit around doing nothing ( i'm not saying you are this is just an example) all day everyday for a month or more then of course it is going to be harder. Make sure to put yourself first lovely. I'm sorry that you and your ex partner separated but stay strong and keep your head up, you'll be okay <3