Only anon venting/listening?


Hi! So im new here and im still trying to figure out the sight. I decided to make an account but im not sure how to work it yet. Can i only listen/vent to people as anon with a generated user name? I kinda maid a account o that you know if someone want to talk to me they know my name or my account name and such. Any other tips on how to use the site would be lovely.

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3 Answers

Welcome to the site (: If you are chatting with someone ,you'll be able t see a small ques mark right by there chatting name (that random name you get). click on it and read that... If you feel you like someone and would like to be friends with them tell them to teel thier username and you tell your. Then you can send a message or the person can find you and "add friend"(send a request) then you guys can talk through messages (:Also, if you are looking for people like you in a field like gamers, book lovers, etc , you can join groupsand well you already know how to ask a questionEnjoy your experience!
Thank you so very much! :D