Just looked at myself in the mirror and i almost cried. This is the heaviest i have ever been, and i hate it i don’t even know how i got like this…
I hate my body, and how i look sometimes…

Does anyone else feel like this.

Tags: asked February 6, 2014

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I wish i had your mind! Somes day's i think i look like a hot bitch, but then i think ah FUCK i'm " overweight" haha.. I wanna change it but hell i'm lazy. lol.
I am at my heaviest as well. I am up to 230, and my target weight is to get back down to 160. I use it as motivation to get up and stay moving. I have lost 5 pounds, and once warmer weather hits, I'll be sweating it out on some scenic country roads. Just find your motivation and don't be satisfied with any less effort that what it takes to get the job done.

If you want to lose the weight, use that desire as fuel. Do it. The urge to cry and anger are perfect emotional motivators for exercise, because it can urge you to push hard. If you start to exercise and begin crying at some point (this is common in exercising. Exercising does one thing better than the world's greatest psychologist; it tears down emotional walls like a wrecking ball.), then have yourself a private cry on the side of the road, pick yourself up, wipe off the tears and put in one more mile, go home, clean up and relax.

You have the power to change yourself. You just have to find the fuel.
I'm at my highest weight - 180lbs. 145 was my normal weight, but as I've been on a lot of mood stabilizers, anti depressants, and had issues with birth control making me gain weight, here I am. It's okay to not like yourself some days. We all have days like that. Just don't beat yourself up over it. Weight isn't a permanent issue, you can lose it, if you choose to. Gentle exercise should help, and incorporating more vegetables and fruit into your diet should really do the trick.

You're beautiful no matter what size you are. xoxo
i felt that way once but you know what?i let tht fire up my spirits & energy to change my lifestyle.i have never felt motivated in life to stay was hard initially but with determination,you can do it:)
I feel sooooo fat!! :(
It's like Layla Violetta commented, there's no use in just letting it happen if you're at the point that you're crying and hating your body.
Weight and health in general are a very simple concept: Eat healthy and move your body. It's very hard in the beginning, everyone who does so will be able to back me in this, but eventually you feel much more comfortable with yourself and improve your quality of life, because a healthy lifestyle changes more on the inside than you can see on the outside.

Some practical tips: No more soda or anything with processed sugar, try to eat vegetarian a few days a week or month (i really suggest this, helps out a lot!), and include a small workout in whatever you do, like choosing the stairs instead of the elevator and so on.
Good luck and have faith!
At The moment i weight 85kgs and i have no idea how i got like this, it scares me like crazy.. I'm normally weight 70kgs and i'm a short frame...I understand everyone is beautiful, but sometimes its hard to find that inside yourself.. :(