New to this chat thing


I’m kinda new to blahtherapy and the first time I tried to be a listener someone asked me for my gender and age? Is this the usual thing? I feel like it’s unecessary and I was kinda pissed off but because they needed to vent I didn’t say anything and just left.

asked November 21, 2014

4 Answers

Being asked your age and gender are very common. A lot of venters want to talk to someone of the same demographic. I don't necessarily think that it is the best etiquette but it it is understandable.
I don't think it's the usual thing, but some venters do it, especially if they're looking for a specific perspective on something. Like, a person having problems with their girl/boyfriend often look for a girl or a guy to get another gender's perspective, or people who are having problems at work might only want to find someone.

If you don't want to give out that information, you can say something like "Sorry, I'd rather not say". Just be aware, though, that the venter might disconnect, because they're only looking for someone in a specific category.

Don't get discouraged, though. If you're afraid someone might not take you seriously after hearing your age, say something like "15, but I've got a lot of experience." Honestly, it's more about the connection between you and the venter than anything else.
Ok thank you, I'll definitely keep that in mind. Just had to make sure before doing anything stupid haha.
I am new too!! ^^ this thing is cool!