Need advice.


My boyfriend is his way or the highway. i have not seen my frriends in 2014 or now becuase its always he wants to drink or go with his friends. i have really bad anxiety and cannot take a bus. Plus i want him to be there. My friends reflect who i am. we’ve been together for a year. Thoughts?

asked January 3, 2015

3 Answers

His way or the highway? seems like you are a bird trapped in a cage with the key, and is letting him hold the key... are you happy? have you told him you just want to go out with your friends or do something else? he seems like a real jerk. I would not let a man or anyone treat me that way.. I would tell him how you feel, and if he doesn't want to change or see that this is a problem.. I would choose the highway and get away from him.. Your friends will slowly fade away because they will think you are choosing him over them-- Do something quick before it is too late...
Honestly, it sounds like you are in an unhealthy relationship and need to get out of it. It's really that simple. Dump that guy and find someone better. Relationships do not work without trust, communication and respect. And it doesn't sound like this guy has a lot of respect. Relationships are a team thing. Why would you want someone like that around! You deserve better!
I don't think you should be with him if he acts like that. Controlling what you do and who you speak to are signs of an abusive relationship. I agree, you do deserve better. You guys should be equal. He shouldn't control you like that.