My friend took nudes and he’s threatening to leak them?


My friend, I’ll call her Sara, took nudes and sent them to someone then immediately regretted it. She’s blocked him on everything but she knows that he can still leak them. Any advice for her? Please?

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I would ask her to look at the photos she took and think a bit about how can those be traced back to her. I hope she left her face out, and if she did, is the background the same as photos she has already online? Can she erase any picture she has online (Facebook, instagram, etc.) that could be used to prove she is the one in those photos (same background, same furniture, etc.)? Beside this, you can reassure her it's not the end of the world, as people age it becomes less of a problem, and if she's your age, the threat of it being child pornography can shut up any loud mouth, and it can make it easier to take them down any site they end up on. So, overall, tell her she can totally deal with this and survive it.
See, that's hard. Never give nudes out to someone you don't know well. Even then, it's always a risk. Because too often when people breakup, as revenge someone will post said photos on the internet or give them out to people. It's a horrible and cruel thing to do and is never okay. But some people just do. You have to be cautious when you are giving something so private to someone else. For your friend, sadly, there isn't a lot that can be done. Its been done. And talking to the person may not be the best thing. The greatest thing you can do now is learn from the situation. And remember to make sure you really trust or know someone before sending those out. Or, never post your face. I don't know this person or the situation so I can't recommend that you ask them to delete them. Talking to them may not be the best idea.So like I said, the best thing you can do now, is learn from the situation. And hopefully this guy has enough decency to just delete them and move on. I really hope the best for your friend and the situation.
First, you friend is an idiot. There is nothing that she can do, other than learn from the experience and not do it again.
How old is your friend? Depending on her age the guy can get in trouble for child pornography. And depending on which state you live.
Get the police involved, or get something on him. Or you could just threaten him.