My friend keeps asking my secret, wtd


I am on college for some time now, and I have come to like a boy in my class. Because of my experience, I decided to never tell anyone about my feelings. I really keep this a secret for some time now. However, my friend has noticed that I have been acting weird (she probably found out that I might like someone) and since Friday, she keep asking me whom I like. I have told her that I don’t want to say this, but she seemed sad and mad with me for this.
I don’t really think it is an option to tell her who I like (maybe this “passion” may pass soon, idk), so what do you think I should do? Lie to her? Deny that I like someone? Say that a like some other random boy?
Or try to make her understand that I don’t want to tell anyone about this because of my past, lack of confidence an so? (About this, I am not sure if she will understand, I may have to lie to her if she does not understand then?)
Well, thank you anyway for reading this trough :)
(BTW English it’s not my 1st language, I have been studying it for a while, so it might have some mistakes, sorry)

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Well lying to her could lead to a bunch of other problems, and she already knows you like someone, so you should just refuse to tell her. That way, there are no mistakes, rumors, and the word can't get out.
It depends on the kind of relationship you have, if you're comfortable telling her everything and know that she will listen and keep it. At the same time, you're entitled to have something of your own as well. Though lying is never a good idea unless you cannot avoid it. They have a way of escaping later on, and cause some trouble.

Ask yourself this, why is it you don't want to tell her? Because you feel embarrassed of not having so much experience with relationships? You're afraid that she will take it the wrong way or shut you out?

Ultimately, it's up to you to pick the option that is best for yourself. Though keep in mind that sometimes, it's best to just be honest. To however much extent you feel comfortable with. And keep in mind that crushes come and go, but good friends stay no matter what.

And also, keep working on that confidence.
You can try to change of subject when she brings that on to the conversation, just casually and about something interesting and it will change her focus. It has worked for me most of the times, it makes it clear that there are more interesting stuff to talk about in a way. Feelings towards other people are always really personal and even with bad experience or not it's completely understandable to keep it to yourself and your friend shouldn't be mad about it. Good luck and don't lie, that's never a good idea.
I think you should tell your friend that tou just don't want to tell who you like. I don't think lyingmis a great solution. When your friend finds out you are lying, she/he might not trust you anymore. Most of the lies are coming out sooner or later. It will make your friendship kinda difficult I think.It's good to show your boundaries. Your friend needs to respect that. True friends will respect that, even if they can't understand it.My advice is to stay true to yourself. Set your limits, make sure you don't exceed them.Wish you luck!
Either you could say that you just do not want to talk about to her, or will tell her at a later time or you could tell her and see what happens. Those are what I would suggest doing though they may not be what you want to do, and lying just is never good.