Monster from my past..?


Hi all.
So I was diagnosed with severe depression about a year ago. Since then I’ve been on antidepressants and have been talking to a therapist. I’ve stopped both of those for a few months now and have felt better since. But now, I feel these feelings of unusual anger, self-hatred, guilt and sadness. I’m not sure where they’re coming from, since I really have no reason to feel this way.
Im so confused and scared.
Is my depression rearing its ugly head again?

Category: asked December 4, 2013

2 Answers

I Believe What You Need To Do Is Get Out, Go Explore Something New, Enjoy Life. There Is No Time For Such Thing As Depression. Things Will Get Better If You Believe It Can.
Find out where these emotions are coming from. Why do you feel guilty? Accept that you have nothing to feel guilty for and let it go, don't let them overpower you. Love yourself completely, you are an amazing person and have no reason to hate yourself. Tell yourself that every time you feel self hate. Why are you angry? What are you doing when this anger is triggered? Once you find the source, you can recognise them, deal with them and let those feelings go. If your worried about your depression coming back, please talk to someone, don't let it take a hold of you again. :)