Missed a pill. Is there a risk of getting pregnant if I have unprotected sex?


Im taking the birth control pill (21 pills) for about 3 mounths.

I just ended the pack and I was suposed to stop taking them so that my period could come. Thats how my pill works (21 days on pill 7 days rest)

The thing is I wanted to skip my period so I started a new pack of them right after and didn’t rest for 7 days.

After starting the pack I forgot a pill (for about 19 hours), now I dont know If Im still protected in the next 7 days, or do I have to use a condom

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4 Answers

Usually for my girlfriends case, we have gone at it for a couple of days, and nothing has happend. That is when she forgot 1-2 pills. Your case might be different, but if you have the chance, Id would definitely still use protection just in case. It varies between bodies on chances and there is no real way of measuring that.
I would go on the side of caution and use a condom but you should be fiine. I've missed a pill or two and I was still safe.
First of all you can't just start a new pack because you don't want your period. You can mess up your system for years by throwing off your hormones. Birth control is designed to keep you on a healthy schedule for a reason. Secondly even on birth control there is a chance of pregnancy. More than likely you will not get pregnant over missing one. But You should not be abusing birth control.
Thank you very much for your opinion, I guess I really should use condoms this time.