Looking for advice on physical fitness. Upper body work.


Just looking for some advice, anyone with some good knowledge on fitness would be ideal.
I’m 29, I cycle daily, on rare occasion I run, I’m somewhat fit because of that but I need to work on my upper body. Recently picked up some adjustable hand dumbbells (2.5kg-25kg). I want to work on my upper body, I have little muscle in my arms and would like to get to a point where I start building my arms and stomach / back more. I’ve looked on youtube for stuff and there’s been a ton of good advice there but it mostly all seems really advanced. Does anyone know what the best techniques I should be doing are, or should I be doing a variety to ensure all muscles are built up evenly? How long should I spend on work outs? I’m fairly busy with work (11hrs inc travel) and blah stuff so my time is limited quite a lot. How many times a week should I be doing this? I worked out both saturday and sunday and i’m pretty sore right now, going to rest up today in the hopes that I can get back at it tomorrow.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hey Michael :) Here is what I would say, if you want to work on abs. Some good exercises are planks, and Russian twists, or even wall sits they are fairly simple technique. Some good exercises for the back, are supermans, and pull ups. Easy enough again. Then for triceps and biceps and chest, push-ups and pull-ups are very good, and can be the core of your workout. Make sure you get the push-up technique right, a lot of people do it wrong. I hope this helps.
Hello! There is a lot of stuff you could do. I would not worry about the time it takes you to workout but rather just focus on what you are doing. www.bodybuilding.com has thousands of free workouts for any kind of goal. They also have informative blog posts as well. If you are trying to gain muscle, do heavier weight and less reps. BUT do not go so heavy that you cannot keep good form. Bad form leads to injury! Also, remember that when working core, you cannot have a strong core if your lower back is weak. So be sure to work both front and back body evenly.