Jealousy type thing?


Okay, here’s the deal.
Me and my girlfriend have been together for three months. I really love her and she really loves me too. So far so good, right?
Well we are somewhat physical with our relationship now. We make out and the stuff that goes with that (sorry if i’m vague, don’t want to get too risque with the description.). We haven’t had sex and she says she wants to wait until marriage, I respect that decision even though I don’t want to. That’s not the point though.
We were talking about how far we have come since we started dating. When we started I was too nervous to even hold her hand and stuff. So as we talked about how far we have come, we transitioned to her ex-boyfriend. And we ended up talking about how far they went. I was curious honestly, but like, I got a bad feeling in my chest when she told me. They didn’t go much further than we have but just the fact they did it bothered me. I’ve always had a problem with comparing myself to him. She says she loves me more than she loved him but then why wouldn’t she want to go as far as they did with me?
I dunno; it sounds dumb now that I’ve typed it all out. I just cant like think about doing stuff with her knowing that has hands and everything have been there too. It’s kind of a jealousy thing but I’m not sure.
Sorry that this is so long and probably doesn’t make much sense. If anyone has advice that’d be great but I kinda needed to vent as well.
Thanks in advance

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She might have done something that she regretted and didn't want to regret doing it with another person again. I'm not in any way insinuating that she loves you less, but what I'm saying is that she respects herself and her decisions more. Girls like her are rare, he's a keeper lol. Anyways, remember the fact that she chose you in the end :) good luck!
It's not really jealousy, In a way it could be, but you could also be scared and anxious she likes her ex-boyfriend's sex more, and is having a better experience with him than you. It's more a fear of neglect and favoritism with you.Honestly and all sayings, I would let it go, the past is in the past, and her ex is not involved with you or her anymore. If you keep on mentioning it to her, she will get annoyed, have mixed thoughts, and probably even break up with you because it causes so much trouble.She might have gone further with her boyfriend, but it probably was not a serious relationship, It was more of a fling, or she was less educated back then. Now, she sees quality in you, and doesn't consider you as a fling, she takes this relationship seriously and doesn't want to get pregnant at an earlier age.Remember, sex isn't everything, there is more value to a relationship with that, just because someone has more sex with your girlfriend than you doesn't mean she likes you less, or liked the other guy before you. They might have had a lot of sex, but they probably didn't have a stable relationship, or there were major problems, hence them breaking up,The past is in the past, don't compare yourself to someone else, it makes you feel inferior and far worse. Remember, there is a reason they broke up, and she chose you. Enjoy and value your girlfriend. Don't ruin the whole thing on an irrelevant guy.
She may feel as if she went to fast with her ex-boyfriend and that may be why she hasn't gone that far with you, it could have ended bad for her and she doesn't wanna rush anything until she is 100% sure she trusts you. Respect how she feels about it and don't get to worried it's personal for her.
I wanted to thank you all who answered. It really helped me reassure myself about how I feel. I'm feeling a lot better since posting this and your feedback did help, so once again, thank you!