Is this normal for me to be so desperate about this?


My brother (18) once dated with my best friend. She tried to keep it in a secret (from me!) and since they broke up, I haven´t talked to her. This summer, I had another best friend, and my brother dated with her too, and they broke up after 2 months. She won´t talk to me now, because she says that I remind her to my brother. Last night, I went out with some really good girl friend of mine, and my brother showed up, and started to make out with one of my friend. I don´t know what to do. I´m afraid that I´m gonna lose every friend. I´m so desperate is that normal, or the problem is in me?

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3 Answers

maybe confront your brother first and talk to your friends about it
I agree with gabby, you should confront your brother with this. Let him know how you feel about this. It's good to also warn your friends that your brother keeps dating your friends and then breaks up anyway. I hope that you can keep a friend and that your brother stops doing this.
The problem is with the person who cannot spend time with you without being reminded of your brother. You are not your brother and that is unfair treatment of you. Your brother is not doing anything wrong by trying to date your friends; he likely isn't trying to hurt you or make trouble, but absolutely let him know that his insistence to date one of your friends backfired and his actions had consequences for you. He should be supportive.