Is this depression or what?


Is it possible to become comfortable with, and furthermore gain an inclination for sadness? Like I have urges that make me want to be sad. Is that normal or am I screwed up?
By urges I mean I get in moods were I want to listen to music that I know will make me sad, or look at old pictures because I know, again, they’ll make me sad.

Category: asked February 2, 2015

3 Answers

To me, this sounds like catharsis. You let your feelings out through art, and more specifically in your case, through music. That's perfectly normal. We all use a different way to channel our feelings and emotions. Many people paint, draw, play music, dance, write, etc. You listen to music and that's a good thing.
I don't think that means you're depressed but it does mean you're probably feeling sad and melancholic, which happens to everyone and is not a bad thing. Try to understand what makes you feel sad so you can fix it.
Maybe you do that because you want to cry. Maybe crying gives you a good feeling, because it's a good relieve. You probably feel melancholic. I wouldn't say you have a depression. There are a lot more symptoms for a depression. I think that when you wallow yourself in sadness, you feel more relieved. It's understandable to get these moods. Personally I often listen to sad music for the emotion that's behind it and sometimes because I can relate to the meaning of the song. I also look back at old pictures, but not with the purpose to get sad. I look at old pictures because of memories. What do you feel when you let yourself get sad? Does it feel like a relieve for you? Do you feel better after?
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