Is there something wrong with me


Since my significant other moved to another country, things have been spiraling down. For a few weeks after he left I literally felt sick. He was like my other half; words can’t explain how much he means to me. Since he left, I’ve been having dreams about him, sometimes I’ll pretend he’s here and I’ll talk to him, and even in school sometimes I look around like I’m waiting for him but I know he won’t be there. I always imagine what things would be like if he were here. And I feel like the bad things that have been happening lately wouldn’t happen if he were here. I feel empty without him and I feel like part of my brain can’t process that he’s gone. I feel like I’m going insane. What’s wrong with me? :(

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I can hardly imagine what you're going through, Keara.

But for a moment, reading what you had written, I literally felt a bit of your pain and heartache. And I am so sorry that you've had to part ways with someone who brought your life so much meaning.

It sounds to me like you're grieving. I agree with the comments posted before mine -- there's nothing wrong with you.

Grief is a natural, painful, and necessary part of life.

How else would you have dealt with losing such a dear friend? Act as though nothing had changed? Now THAT would be unnatural.

Please do take good care of yourself.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with you dear. You're just a girl whom misses her significant other. When two people are in love, things like this can happen. For instance, like their emotions are yours. If they're happy, you're happy. If they're sad, you're sad. Etc. You're just lovesick. Don't drive yourself crazy over him. Hopefully, y'all will reunite soon.
Nothing is wrong with you, you're just a little heart broken. You will get through it. You are so young hunny, so don't waste your time drowning your thoughts on one person. There will be plenty more people you'll come across that'll make you happy. Have fun and live sweetie! There's a lot yet to experience. Don't worry, be happy :)
There's nothing wrong with you at all lovely! I've been in a long distance relationship for six months now and it's difficult but it works. Of course, it must be harder for you having to go through the transition of him being there and the suddenly not. It's hard but you'll adjust and everything you're feeling is completely understandable. I'm sure long distance will work just fine for you too, as long as you guys are both willing to put in the commitment. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon!
Love is wrong with you .