Is it just me or…..?


Is it just me or does anyone else think about how weird or mysterious death and life is? What I mean is like after we die, we are no more. No more life and the person that made us who we were or the personality is no longer there… It’s like it just left the body… Isn’t it strange? Like how is that possible? I know that our heart keeps us alive but the spirit that makes us who we are, where does it come from and where does it go and how ?? Like even when we are born, we have that spirit in us but at what point does it enter the body? When we are conceived or when we are actually born into the world? It’s very complex if you think about it and I don’t exactly know the right words to use to describe what I’m trying to say. But basically, where do our spirits (that makes us who we are) come from and where does it go after we die? How is it possible for it to just disappear …. What are we? I’m like talking in circles but it’s just a mind blowing concept. Does anyone else have these thoughts? What do you guys think about this matter?

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You've stumbled across the penultimate questions that keep even the brightest minds of each generation wrapped up in arguments for decades. :)

The inexorable, purifying rhythm of the universe; birth, death, and rebirth. Everything goes through it. From the largest stars to the smallest forms of existence, all things come together, mature, and eventually wither and lose cohesion, spreading apart and becoming part of something else.

A bird flies high in the sky, but falls down to die in a field. The bird decomposes and becomes part of a tree that grows on the dirt where the bird died. The tree grows for a long time and eventually falls to the ground and decomposes, the bugs eat the tree that is partially made up of bug stuff before it, and other birds eat those bugs, those birds go on to live in places where there are people. At least one of those birds dies by a river and decomposes, parts of that bird are carried downriver where a person happens to be getting a sip of water. The person lives a long life, then dies and is buried. The worms eat the person, a bird eats the worm.

All life is interconnected. It is beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It is wonder and horror in the same breath. Just thinking about how deep life goes and about how broad life expands can take a creative mind and leave them breathless.

The final question of life is if there is anything after death. Physically there is, we eventually decay and become something else, but as for our consciousness, who knows? Religion claims there is an afterlife, but the only alleged evidence of that was 2 millennia ago, and stories change over time.

The only way to find out is to live and to die. There is no coming back and telling the secrets of the dead.

But while we are alive, the only thing that makes any sense is to live life to the fullest possible extent that we can make for ourselves. To go as far and a long as we can before we die, to live as happily as is possible and to leave behind a good legacy through the memories of other people who remember you fondly.

If you happen to ask "What is the meaning of life?", the answer very simply is this: the meaning of life is to give your own life meaning.

Always remember that you deserve the same chance at pursuing your happiness as anyone else. Never allow anyone or anything to stifle your will to live happily. Most importantly, never forget that you matter and you are not alone.
I'm so glad other people think about this, because I wonder about this all the time. Personally, I have no idea what to believe. But I saw a quote once in a book I read, and it was talking about how energy cannot be created or destroyed, therefore, we cannot die. I don't know if I would wholeheartedly believe that, but it's fascinating to think about. Imagine if after we die, our spirit just recycles itself, or even combines itself with another and we become a new being? It's just so interesting and mind blowing to think about, but I think no matter what happens after, and how fun it is to wonder about, what really matters is making the most of the life you have now(like Jonathan said) and find out what happens when the time comes. Enjoy life to the fulllest!(:
life's a bitch and then you die, thats why we get high cause you never know when you gonna go