Is God really real?


First off I do not mean to offend. I am an atheist and like all believers of God I can express my ideas freely. But my question is, is God really real? Famine, rape, and disease fill this world and it is not God doing the good it is the people. Plus the Bible doesn’t really make sense to me. Is it even possible for a person to even create a world? And why does God not allow gays to be happy with their partner? I live life not giving my life to God but im living it like any other person. I hope to help people but am I going to Hell if a hell exists? People often see atheists as worshippers of the devil, as I have witnessed myself when I tell people my belief, but they are ignorant. I do not go out spreading my beliefs to people unless they ask and even then I hesitate because I feel they will be offended. Yet if people dont want me spreading my beliefs why do those who oppose my views spread their message? There is much more I have to say yet I will keep it to myself. Again I just wanna know what you all think. I do not mean to offend anyone im just stating my opinion.

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I believe God is real, even though you can't prove it either way. I would do some research. I don't mean to offend anyone by my beliefs.
The mistake that's commonly made is assuming that god has to fit into an already existing theology. Three things are attributed to god. Omnipotence, omnibenevolence, and omniscience. The first question is whether a being with those three characteristics exists. Then there's the question of whether it would subscribe to an already existing religious system. Based on infinite recursion, at some point in the creation of the universe, something has to have come from nothing. No known physical laws allow for that, and in fact it violates conservation of mass. That could be due to the limitations of human knowledge(less likely on account of contradicting an existing law), or it could imply the existence of a being with such power. The power to create from void is essentially omnipotence, and I believe that to be a decent argument for the existence of a creator for our reality. Infinite recursion still implies that a creator needs to have it's own creator, but that can go on forever. It's not something that can constructively be discussed(like Descartes' radical doubt). Next, omniscience. Assuming that you have an omnipotent being, the amount of knowledge required to create a universe as self maintaining as this one would be astronomical. The possession of that knowledge, which I consider near omniscience, if not omniscience itself, is implied. It also implies a mental capacity to process all of that information at once, during creation. So we have a being that is all powerful, all knowing, or nearly all knowing, and all processing. Also implied here is even more power, because with those attributes, such a being could use the butterfly effect to set in motion a chain of controlled events that would happen over eons. Thus, with those assumptions, everything is controlled. Next is all good, and here is where you hit a logical wall. The only argument that can be made for god's morality is Utilitarianism, and proving that everything that has ever happened is to maximize the overall good for humanity is impossible without being omniscient oneself. It's impossible to know if god is actually perfectly moral. It could be that it's just messing with us, or views us as entertainment. What you believe in that regard, you take on faith. This is where it starts to get complicated, because every different religion has a different interpretation of what "all good" means. Is what the christians say god wants true? Who knows, it was written down by a man. There's no proof of it's veracity. Same with every other holy text(though judaism's prophecies are uncannily accurate). Even if you've reasoned the existence of god, and decided to have faith in it's morality, that doesn't tell you how to act unless you decide a system is right. There is only one thing that you can extrapolate from the existence of an omnipotent, omnibenevolent, and omniscient god, and that is that every living being has a purpose, like a cog in a great machine. Otherwise a benevolent god wouldn't have caused you to exist. That's about all that I can reasonably say with intellectual honesty. There's too many inconsistencies in most religions for me to really say anything in favor of most of them. You can make your own deductions from there.
Wu-Tang - What makes you think that God is supposed to be good all the time? Why is He supposed to make us all happy?
Even God's book, the Bible, tells stories of flooding the earth and killing almost alll beings. God has caused famines, death and destruction. And He has allowed the same to occur. And He has saved many through His grace as well. God is good. And God is vengeful. He says it Himself.
As for your statement on gays, does God allow anyone to be happy? He clearly states that no one is good enough to stand next to Him (yes, even those that are not gay). But the answer to this question is, yes. God wants everyone to be happy!
As for your statement about not wanting to offend anyone and hesitating when asked about your doesn't just happen to atheist's. I feel the same way sometimes.
But is God real? My brother, Bill, was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 35 and died two years later. He said it brought him closer to God. Can we prove His existence to those that don't want to believe? No. But to Bill, He is real.

I'm Catholic and I believe in a loving God. Take note: loving. Not everyone sees Him as such; hence, people who persecute or judge LGBT individuals, prostitutes, etc. Truth is, for me, God loves everyone because He made them and He's not one to say, "Oh wait I don't want to love you anymore because you're gay." It's a firm belief of mine that whatever we do, God loves us, and that's why I believe in gay marriage.

Now, with the raping and crimes, people say that this is the work of the devil, etc. It's kinda rooted in the Bible but not relevant for this discussion. I just think that those pains in life is a way for us to change for the better. That at some point, we can and will be better. Also, I don't think that you're going to Hell just because you don't believe in Him. Conscience is basically God for us believers and conscience is also what you follow, right? Just do what you think is right and good. I believe that as an atheist, having this kind of mindset will be enough for you to live your life greatly even without religion. Continue respecting yourself and also others who believe. It's good to know that people like you exist. :)
Honestly, there isn't anybody in the world who can say with 100% certainty that God is real. That the bible is real. It's all a matter of belief and faith.

Personally, I struggle a great deal with faith. Having similar questions that you do.

I am a lesbian, which according to some is an automatic ticket to "hell". I've been sexually and physically abused a good majority of my life. I also have bipolar disorder. A close friend of my family has a son who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 5, my best friends brother is 18 and was just diagnosed with cancer. My mom had cancer, required open heart surgery at 54 years old, and also was diagnosed with a medical condition so rare that only 50 cases have ever been recorded in medical history. The love of my life is currently receiving hospice care due to kidney failure and isn't expected to make it much longer.

I ask myself every single day, if there IS a God, and he/she is supposed to be so kind and loving...why do things like this happen? Why is there so much suffering in this world?

But I do pray. And I do have faith. And I do believe that if there is some sort of God out there, that he/she does have a reason for everything even if I don't know it and I try to use that to understand all of this.

I'm not sure if that answers your questions, but those are my beliefs.
Well I'm sorry to hear that Caitlin. Even though I do not believe in God, I am grateful he helps people have faith. As for me I never pray. Only person I believe in is myself. I will not put anuonr above me but I will not put anyone below me. I just hope you the best with your struggles and if there is a good I hope he fixes all the problems in the world. If proof does come that God exists I will remain atheist. I wish you the very best though. (:
Hope, I agree but if God is all knowing then would he not have known of Lucifers outcome? And as Mark Twain said, why do we not pray for the greatest sinner of all, which he was talking about the devil. That is only part of what I believe though and I could be wrong.
I don't know. There's no proof. Absolutely none. No one even knows if God is even a He; they could be a She, a They, an It ... The Bible isn't proof, obviously, since it was written by racist, sexist old men and was translated by the same. "Miracles" could be caused by anything. There is nothing that gives any definite proof in or about God whatsoever.

I have no reason to believe in God, and I have no reason to love God for all the horrors God has either brought or let fall upon the world. Sure, there could be the whole "Devil" excuse, but honestly? I think it's just an excuse. Humankind is at fault for all that has been wrought upon ourselves. Our anger and hatred and wilful ignorance has brought us to ruin, not the Devil, and I don't think it would be God who could save us. In the end, whether there is a Heaven or Hell, a God or a Devil or any other spiritual beings, we are the ones with the responsibility of saving ourselves.

To be honest, I think it really doesn't matter. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't. But people want someone to explain the bad things in the world. They need to have faith in something greater. Something that they can use for their excuses and their hatred, as well as their love and their kindness. They want a reason, and they use God as their reason, regardless of whether or not God is real. That's my opinion.
Yes God is real.
Unfortunatly we all have been given free agency to chose in this life what we do with it and whom we follow.
Famine, rape, and disease fill this world because of man not because of God.God gave all men the agency to chose what they do so if that chose was taken away.
If you read what Hope has mentioned,then I alsowant repeat the same things here.
Yes! it can seem very crule at times what we go through and just speaking for my self and not taking away from even more horrific things.Ive have a very hard life,been in very difficult situation not knowing if ill make it,pain from ill health,seeing my son go though an ordeal from being hit by a car etc etc.but!
I have faith and belief in the atonement of Jesus Christ as he felt the suffering of all mankind's sins,those who have also yet to come here on earth,and I know with out any doubts, that we have to go through this and that my pain is less because of this and later on we will look back and see this earthy life was for only but a short time.and we can embrace in better things to come.
We need to be able to endure to the end and while here also practice faith,its not easy for some ,easier for others,but by having Christ in your life and having faith life is much easier.I for one and know there is God and he also have a son Jesus Chris who is our Elder brother.
Everyone has their own beliefs. You can't really prove or disprove that their is a god. If you believe in god, and he gives you hope and faith, then great! If not, and you're happy that way, that's fine too! It shouldn't matter what people think about your beliefs. What should matter is that you believe in it, and are happy.
GOD IS ONLY REAL TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN HIMpersonally, I don't want to live my life thinking, when I die I am going to hell. i've done and definitely thought of a lot of evil sh!t before and was always afraid that i was going to suffer in hell after suffering here on earth. i was always waiting around for god to answer my prayers and give me more strength like i'd pray to him for, and after a while I realized I need to do this on my own. i'm gonna fight and suffer through the pain of what i'm going thru in life, to then thank god for giving it all to me ?? those who are religious are always either thanking or blaming God for everything.. I am in the process of really finding myself right now. what i do believe in is my own self. I believe if i really want something, only me myself will get that... and i should only thank or blame myself because it is my life... i may seem ignorant to some, but i grew up as a catholic and read the bible and i'd go to church.. but i was still the 'bad' kid.. everyone was praying for me to find god, telling me to pray, telling me i need to ask for forgiveness or else god wont let me into heaven.. i think everyone will finally be in peace after they die.. even murderers.. i think we are all suffering in what some call 'hell' right now.. and once we take our last breaths... its over... our souls are free
As a Christian I say yes. People say there is no proof but I take the world as proof. I look as trees and flowers and rivers and sometimes I am struck by just how amazing and intricate everything is and I see God though that. Just look at humans. We are so complex and beautiful. The way our bodies move and work is crazy. Plus there has been miracles in my life and people around me that just isn't possible. I know so many people that should be dead or should be hurting but aren't and I know it's a miracle. And they have found historical evidence that backs up the bible. So yes I have to say God is real and is the creator and Jesus is his son and the savior to anyone who chooses to believe in him and in the fact that "while we were sinners Christ died for us" and he was risen again. And as for all the evil in the world, mankind brought sin into the world and now it's our job to take care of the sick. And as for the gay thing, I think it is possible to be a gay Christian as long as you keep God in the center of your relationship.
From one atheist to another, listen to The Dogma Debate podcast with David Smalley at

If there is any argument that exists in the world that stands any chance of disproving creationism, it is The Phylogeny Challenge by Aron Ra. Look it up and give it a watch. Don't let the video's verbosity spook you, the premise itself is relatively simple.

If you're still asking if God is real, then something made you ask that question. If you need to talk to a fellow atheist, or otherwise want to discuss this further, my inbox is always open.
Really, I'm not sure about any of it.

Because there is no solid proof that any of it is real. God, Satan, heaven, hell. I know there are people who will absolutely insist that all of his is completely real and exists...but reality of it is that nobody actually knows. It's all based of having faith and believing.

I just find it a little easier to deal with everything by having faith that there is something greater out there. Even if I don't know what it is or if it's even real. If that makes any sense.

I don't have any problems with anyone who believes what they do though. And I never judge anyone for the things they believe or the things they don't.
I'm personally an athiest. I don't believe that god is a real physical being out there who just happens to hang out watching over the science experiment that is us. I think gods are real to those who believe in them, but I don't believe there are any genuine deities out there. I strongly believe that religion came about as a way to understand what we couldn't explain before science, and was later perpetuated as a means to control the masses. There may be some beings out there that may fit with what our idea of a deity is, but I do not believe that they are genuine deities that have anything to do with the creation and management of us and our planet (for example, if we went out in space and found some super primitive civilization that we were way above in technology, they may worship us as deities for the 'miracles' we could perform, but that does not make us deities). Furthermore, I find that when these types of questions are considered, there's a lot of 'well MY god is the real one and THEY did all the stuff, yours can't possibly be real!', which excludes every other religion that isn't the one people specifically believe in and particularly polytheists. If there is a deity out there, which deity is it? Or are there many deities? Who did what when? Or did they never do anything at all, merely saw something neat happening and sat back to watch the show? Frankly, there is no conclusive solid proof that any deities exist. The only answers I've got from religious people on this is "Well I have faith that God is real and that this really really old book that's been translated a bajillion different ways is telling the 100% accurate truth", which I personally find sort of ludicrous especially when this is the type of thinking used to validate denying other people rights or forcing one set of beliefs on others (like denying same sex couples the legal rights that come with marriage or forcing schools to teach creationism). Are deities real to the people who believe in them? Yeah. Are they physically real and out there somewhere? Probably not, but that's must my opinion and I'm sticking to it.