Is being bi real?


Female. I have grown up thinking that straight is great. Straight only straight. But I know that there’s another way. I had a boyfriend in elementary school (I know, very bad decision), but it wasn’t real so it didn’t really mean that much to me. But I kept asking myself if I’m gay. I’m a tom-boyish type but I’m not really that masculine. So I decided that I like both. This decision was made after I started dating a girl to sort of test my buttons out. There’s this guy that is really into me, but he is like 2 years older than me. I don’t feel really comfortable with him, but I can imagine being with another guy. Is it possible to like both, especially when I’m not leaning to one side or the other?

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To answer your question of is being bi-sexual real; yes because it's possible to like both genders. However, to me you seem confused about how your sexuality. Just because you haven't had a boyfriend doesn't mean you're gay. Also, because you dress tom-boyish doesn't make you gay either. The whole situation with the girl, so you dated her out of curiosity? If so, then you're just curious. Why don't you feel comfortable with him? Is it the age difference or other reasons? But yes, it is possible to like both sexes.
Bisexuality is a legitimate orientation, and leaning to one side or another doesn't make you any less bisexual. Being a tomboy or butch doesn't necessarily mean you have to be interested in the same sex as well as another, though.
However, if you enjoyed being in a relationship with that girl, it's quite possible you are bisexual! As time goes on, things will become more clear. Most of all, remember: you can use whatever words you feel comfortable with to describe your sexuality!
You know what? I used to think the same thing. Except I've always thought that you could only either be straight , gay, or lesbian, that there was no in between. But as I got older I thought and thought and I realized that is is possible to like both. I figured out when I was 12 years old that I was bisexual. People used to consider me boy crazy because all I would ever talk about was boys , boys, boys, until I finally realized I liked girls as well. I'm 19 years old now, and I've dated many, many girls, and I have one right now. She is my girlfriend of almost 2 1/2 years. Also if you are in a relationship where your partner doesn't mind if you have a boyfriend while you're with your girlfriend, or vice versa, like the relationship I'm in, then you will soon come to realize that being bisexual is a possibility.I hope this helped. :)~Wednesday Evangeline Lilly~
just be you. no label needed. you're not a product. change in life is inevitable. we are part of life. change in us is inevitable. one day we hate pickles the next we find we like them. if you find a connection with someone, it should be about that, not what it makes you. labels cause separation. be part of one group. the human group O:)
i dont really bi-lieve in it