Is anyone else here in a relationship with a non treated bipolar?


My husband is bipolar and self medicates. He refuses to do anything to help himself and blames all our issues on me, not the fact that his bipolar is raging out of control.

Tags: asked August 27, 2014

2 Answers

My ex-wife was an unmedicated bi-polar with dissociative identity disorder. That was hell. It took me two years to leave her.

Don't wait. An unmedicated bi-polar has a strong chance of turning abusive in multiple ways. Leave him and put the condition of your return on him getting help and staying in that help, not promising to go to a doctor or taking meds for a month then quitting. Make him show you long-term change or you will not come back.
He couldn't care less whether or not I leave. In fact, I'm sure he's hoping I will so that he feels like I'm the one that left him and there is no guilt associated with him. He is emotionally and verbally abusive and very controlling. We did marriage counseling, but I couldn't be honest there because he didn't want his self medicating to come up and that's a huge problem. What just astounds me is that he really thinks I'm the one causing all the problems. He hides behind his bipolar and says get used to it, I'm bipolar.