Incoming Freshman advice?


I’m going into high school and have no idea what to expect! Please help!!

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Hi AceKat! I'm a junior in highschool, so it wasn't too long ago that I was in your shoes! Okay, so freshman year really is like middle school. You're just at at different school. Basically just treat it like any other year. Don't get too stressed, and most importantly don't slack off. The work is pretty easy, but there is a lot of it so it can get pretty overwhelming. If you have decent teachers, don't be afraid to befriend them! They will help you a lot the next four years! This is the time to discover yourself- what makes you uniquely you! Experiment! Find things you like! Be social! High school is what you make it, so don't worry too much darling!. You'll do great. Feel free to message me!
Hello! I am a sophomore in high school. Just keep your head high and don't through your caution to the wind. I did and it got me pulled out of public school for the stupid shit i was doing. Don't let people walk all over you, but don't act all cocky. High school is a bitch and your going to have to deal with it, but with the right mindset and motivation you can get through it easily. Plus freshman year is your time to make little mistakes. Don't think you have to be perfect. Do your homework and take the tests and i guarantee you'll be fine. Tenth is where you have to buckle down and think for your future, so enjoy this year and make the most of it! Good luck and best wishes!
Might i just say thank you to everyone else involved in this post? My first High School Orientation is tomorrow, and these posts really bolstered my confidence...
dont send nudes or do anything with anyone at your school cause most likely everyone will know about it.