I’m stuck trying to come out as gay- and in love with a friend


Okay, so i met this girl at the begging of the semester and she is quite literally perfect. She is beautiful, funny, smart, caring, intelligent, active, and an all around amazing person. I’ve had a crush on her since the day we met and I want to get to know her much better. my plan was to get to know her and find out her views on the LGBTQ community and proceed from there–the worst thing that happens is we are just friends. (which may be hard because she is gorgeous and i’m falling hard for her–but if i have to accept that i will.) however, i found out she is taking some time off of school a little over two years to be exact and wont be back until my senior year (i’m a freshman–she’s currently a junior) which means we would graduate together. i have 7 weeks left to get to know her, should i tell her how i feel or wait close to THREE YEARS!? no one has ever made me feel the way she does. Im usually so shy and uncomfortable with people but I am completely at ease with her. is it bad that I have thought a bout a life with her like forever?

Category: asked October 21, 2013

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Sounds like you've been bit by the looove bug, lol. I'd say, let her know how you feel. I don't know how close the two of you already are, so I think it could be good either to get to know her a little better before coming out with your feelings or, if you feel there comes a moment where it might be perfect to just say it, tell her! I'd just hate to see you regretting that you didn't, come eight or nine weeks from now. :)
I would just be honest and tell her. If you don't you will be faced with a life-long "what if.?" and that would suck. I told one of my friends that I liked her about 4 years ago, she was straight, I knew that but I still told her. And guess what? To this day we are still good friends. We don't talk much (because of distance) but I know that if I really needed her, she'd be there.
Try talking too her about how you feel, if she doesn't feel the same way, at least then you know and you can move on, otherwise the 'what if' mindset will drive you crazy. Good luck!Lots of love xx