I’m sick of everything. Literally.


I never share my problems with anyone (not that I’ve got anyone to talk to)
I can’t even be bothered to type my problems out, because I’m gonna get the same ‘stay positive’ messages. I feel like there’s no solution to my problems.

Depression, Social anxiety, Suicidal, etc.
Does social anxiety EVER go away? Because this is no way to live.

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You will get the same old "stay positive" messages, because those can actually help some people. But I'll try to help out. There is a way to help out really any problem, and that's to talk. Talk/vent to a close friend, therapist, or even here (although some people are crazy and intent to harm rather than heal) I'm no professional and get most of my info from experience, but there are actually trained people willing to help.Social anxiety can co away, but only if you take steps. First off, learn to breath right. Anxiety breathing is all in the chest, and it's a self-feeding cycle - when you're anxious you breath shallow, which makes you more anxious, which makes you breath more shallow, etc. Focus on your breath. If your chest is moving up and down, that's stress breathing. When you breath deep, your belly should expand. Try laying on your back and taking 10 deep breaths through your nose, and focus on breathing deep so your belly rises and falls naturally.Stop caring what other people think of you - This was a big one for me. It's hard when you base your self-worth on other people's opinions, which is usually the root of social anxiety. Just think, there were people out there who hated Mother Theresa! Who are you to think that everyone is going to like you? My point is, there will always be people who don't like the person you are. But they are no authority, and you can be sure there are people who don't like them! You can't worry about what they think. Your opinion of yourself is all that matters (see previous step).Build confidence! - This is the fun one. Build confidence in yourself, but do it for you, not to impress anyone else. Do you feel overweight? Start working out. Do you wish you were stronger? Lift weights. Get a nice haircut, whiten your teeth. This is not for any "shallow" reason, or to impress other people. It is because you are proud of the person you are, and you want to put your best face out there to the world. It will give your self-confidence a boost, and help with your social anxiety without even trying.
of course it does, but nothing can go away without patient and working to get it off. never say " i don't like sharing my problem " because hugging pain is main reason for anxiety and that what friends for if u didn't find someone listen to you it's not your problem you just need somebody who is listener and they are hard to find everybody just wanna give solution rather than listening so go talk to someone blow it all up, empty your self to somebody maybe a stranger or professional or friend.1- figure your problem ( because sometimes people who don't know there problem they feel anxiety because they feel lost ) 2- know that you are not alone but you choose to be believe there billion of people around the world and some have the same problem 3- talk to some one professional 4- take walk because mind can't control both moving and thinking 5 - keep away from darkness and negative thinking by forcing your self to go out and listen to motivational music rather love and romance music 6- smile force yourself to be happy rather than making your negative self take over you mind 7- life too short to live it with anxiety make sure that yesterday is past tomorrow is mystery today is a present 8- after you figure everything read about it enter net is providing a lot of solution even youtube or google from professionaland i hope you feel fine
Thanks guys. I appreciate it.