Im scared of how my bf will react…


my bf and i have been together for 2 1/2 years, he has adhd, bipolar and anger problems, we have wanted to go the same uni, he has failed his a levels twice beacuse he doesnt work very hard and doesnt really put in a lot of effort, hes quite lazy. i always work really hard and ive so far got into 4 out of my 5 uni choices and he has got into1 out of 5, i dont want to go to the uni that he got into tho, because its not a very good one and ive worked so hard to get into these unis and i dont know what to do
he will leave me!!
he will say i lied and that i dont love him if i go somewhere else
im really scared

Category: asked March 12, 2015

3 Answers

Listen, you're young and have a bright future. Your choice of university will be with you forever. If he leaves you because you want to give your future the best shot it has, what does that tell you? His mental illness certainly means you need to be thoughtful about how you tell him, but it doesn't mean you should sacrifice your future for him. Does he see a doctor regularly? If so, you might ask his doctor how to talk to him about it. Additionally, you might want to tell him with someone else present or in a public place.
You should pursue what you worked so hard for, and in my honest opinion you can do better then this guy. Don't let him define you, time to find someone who is going the same direction you are. You are patient though for enduring it all with him, but he really needs to see a professional. He may get angry and not reply well, but he needs to straighten those things out before he can be with anyone. Hope this helps.
Thank you so much for your replies and for understanding! I really appreciate it! Im defiantly going to take in your advice! I have to do this for me! cant let anyone else make my choices and then resent him for it later