I’m Insecure!


I know every girl has been insecure with their bodies, at some point in their life.
I’ve had so many people tell me to “be comfortable with my body”. But it really bothers me when I see really pretty girls with skinny legs and flat stomachs!
I feel like I’ve put on some weight, and I just want to get back to the flat stomached, skinny legged self I used to be. I’ve tried so many different things to lose weight, but it seems like nothing works at all.
I’ve tried to eat healthier, but I just don’t know where to start! Everything I read online tells me I need to cut out sugar, and carbs, and increase my protein, eat more of this, less of that, blah blah blah. Its all so confusing!
Any suggestions? Or if anyone has workout routines that they follow? What kind of diet should I have?
Thanks so much guys!

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3 Answers

I really wouldn't worry about what body you're given and here's why: Everyone has a different perferance. Not everyone likes a girl who is skinny with a flat stomach, some people like girls with more weight or with more curves. Some people like girls with freckles, some don't. Some like girls with blue eyes, some like green, some like brown... And so on. Just because the media says what the perfect girl looks like doesn't mean you have to be that girl, because the girl they show is the one girl who looks like that, and others just have attributes of said girl. And even if you're the total opposite of what they say, who cares? Because there is someone out there who will love your body, and the number one person who should is you! :) Nevertheless, when looking for a partner they should like you first for your persobality. If you're worried about being bullied for your body, the person who does such a thing isn't worth being your friend or around. And lastly, the more you love yourself and the more confident you are the better and easier your life will be. I know it's hard to just straight up read something or hope to read something and have it fix every insecurity, but try finding one thing that you love about your body to start, then gradually work your way to loving your whole body.
The first thing you need is to know if you really need to lose weight, sometimes that gain of weight is just an illusion. The key to losing weight is to keep control on your body, you have to start from your current weight and then calculate the amount you want to lose. After that, you set yourself the amount of weight you plan to lose weekly or monthly, set a fair number. Next thing is to have consciousness of what you eat (keeping a food journal is almost mandatory), it is totally possible to lose weight without following a strict and damaging diet. You have to cut out processed food, and adding more fruits and vegetables. Also, eat 5 or 6 times a day, not big meals of course, but eating more frequently will boost your metabolism, which is what we want when losing weight. Last but not least, sport, without sport you won't lose weight, find the cardio activity that suits you best (running, cycling, swimming) and practice it from 4-6 times a week, starting from low time and intensity and improving with time. Here are some apps that had served me really well, My Fitness Pal (that one helps you making a Food Diary) and RunKeeper (which makes sport even funnier). But most important, keep your journey under control. Hope it helps!
A good thing to do is drink more fluids during the day, preferably water. Try and drink atleast 10 glasses a day, because you will eat less and your body will get the water it needs anyway. And walk to places when ever you can instead of driving there or catching the bus. I can't imagine how hard sticking to a carb free diet would be, so think them tips work better for me.