I’m 18, 37 weeks pregnant and need help with family issues!


Hello, I really need some help with some family issues between my BF and mom. I’m about to have my boyfriends baby and I basically have to live with my mom for various reasons and my mom won’t let my BF move in because she feels that he disrespects her and could endanger the child. I tried talking to my boyfriends mom about his issues that need to be fixed but I think she is trying to give a cop out answer to not deal with it. The worst part about this conflict is that his parents are seriously gonna buy him a house without making him fix his issues and it scares me and my mom because she thinks then he will get half the custody if I ever move in with him and things don’t work out. We aren’t married so I’m not sure if that’s true or not but still. I need someone I can message about this issue so I can send the letter I wrote and his moms response so I can get a third party analyzation besides MY mom because there has been times when she tried to ruin the relationship between my BF and I and he actually wasn’t doing anything wrong.

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I am young and I have never been in your shoes but my parents had issues that sound some what simaler to yours and then I was the kid that had to deal with it. If you are at all willing to let me try and help I am willing to. If you are ok with that can you PM me please. From the situation that you are describing you are keeping the baby so they have a voice that needs to be heard. Well it is true that a child does need parental figures in there life they do not need there biological parents. If you at any point feel like your child is in danger you need to choose them over your relationship. However you seem to believe that he is safe for your child. Well yes your mother does have more experience, she is not has directly involved in this and there for knows less. You should trust your feelings about him. If he does have issues those do need to be addressed and I am not sure of the best way to do that do to the fact that I have no idea what those issues are.