I think I have social anxiety. But I don’t know how to get help!


but I’m not sure, and it doesn’t even make sense. I’m usually fine with speaking to people! But it’s like sometimes I want to talk to strangers and sometimes I can’t tell the subway guy I don’t want capsicums because I won’t stop stuttering!! Even in other situations, I’m fine when I’m with a group of friends but once I’m alone, by myself again, I have these episodes where I just loose it. I end up doing things I regret and making bad decisions. But the thing is, I’m 14, what if I’m just causing a scene? and over reacting? Where I am from, therapy is deemed to be for crazy people, my parents would be ashamed if I had to go to one. What if I’m absolutely fine, or worse, what if I am not..? What do I say to my parents, who do I go to? Teachers are not an option sadly.

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1 Answer

No one can judge you better then yourself, if you feel something is wrong then you know it. Your parents wouldn't be ashamed of you for that if anything they would want to help you and re-assure you its okay. Just need to try talk to someone about it, talk to your parents about it or someone at school and if you feel its not getting any better then go to the doctors or talk to a specialist they will sure be supportive and helpful for your needs :) I would say your first option is to talk to your parents about it as your 14 its a bit harder to go to the doctors without them knowing and you never know they might be able to help. Just talk to them explain how you feel, whats worrying you and why. hope this helps a bit and feel free to message me if want too talk :)