I need someone perspective cause I don’t know what to do


Well, it’s kind a long story but i’ll keep it simple. Since I was in primary school I like this guy, I’ve known him since we were in kindergarden and we’ve been friends since then. I don’t know how the feeling started but it happened. I’ve always wanted to tell him how I feel but I couldn’t. Now I’m in my penultimate year of high school and finally the last day of school I told him how I really felt (because he talked with a friend of mine and he told her that nobody wanted him and he gave me sorrow and guilty and well that happened). But the problem here is that since that day we haven’t spoken…It’s been 5 months since that…even that we share the same classroom every day. My friends talked to him and he wants me to talk first cause when he proposal to another girl a few years agos he talked to her first. I think that he should talk to me first because I’ve been waiting him to tell me even ‘it’s not you it’s me’ or ‘you deserve someone better’ and that stuff. But he never answer me. Also I can’t help but I still in love with this guy (he’s the only guy I have loved) and I don’t know why. I feel very bad about it because I feel I destroyed our friendship and I feel nothing but guilty. I only want to go back in time and to everything be like before. Please if you know what should I do, tell me. I’ll be very grateful. Thank you and have a good day :) (sorry but english isn’t my first language)

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I agree with others here, you should go and talk to him. That is the only best way to know what's on his mind and why he hasn't anwered even after 5 months. You have so much affection within you, you deserve someone who will reciprocate such feelings. Also, maybe it'll help you get over him after you two have properly talked? Just enjoy your school-life and don't let this affect you much . :)
It's weird he could go five months on a question of principle, considering you took the first step already when you told him, and he never gave you an answer? If you want to get things moving, do something and have a talk about what is going on between you, but are you sure this guy deserves you?