I need help quitting this game!


I’ve played Minecraft since last year, and I always play on Multiplayer, with other people around the world. I need to quit this game, because there’s so much drama, it’ll make me depressed at times and stresses me out. I need to spend so much more time with family and friends. I tried quiting the game before, but I couldn’t be away from the people that I have friendships on, on there! Please, I really need help quiting this game that’s taking me away from the real world! :(

Category: asked June 25, 2014

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Greetings fellow gamer! I've had the same problem with some games and to me the social factor of games started being what glued me to them. I've made lots of friends in games but when it was time to leave those games I had to just create meaningful BONDS with those people before leaving. This can be done by adding them on any other social network, so you can keep interacting with these people, sustaining friendship. If they matter to you you'll keep them, no worries ;)As to quitting the game that usually comes when you either Get another addiction (which you should avoid) Have a life too busy to play Decide not to play it anymore etc.If you allow me, let me tell you how I quit some games.On PS2 it was inevitavble, I'd play the next game on my shelf and eventually I'd get bored... was a kid, didn't know how to stop. Some parents are skeptical and just drag you down, saying games suck and punishing you for playing... so it's hard then.But to avoid that try quitting yourself. For example I quit Terraria by killing my character and losing the items. I was so stressed out for losing all my important stuff but at the same time so uninsterested in getting them back because I knew how to pass the game again that I stopped cold. With League of Legends I really did get bored but at a stage I started following online courses which drained my free time. Had to choose ;)If there's anything you really like doing, go do it instead of playing. Get away from what reminds your subconscious of the game, else you'll be drawn back in. It's like Facebook. You'll waste yourself there if you're at the PC but if you aren't you won't :) If it's very hard at the start, start enjoying your addiction at a mental level. For example I used to love Age of Empires too, but at a stage most of my "game time" was daydreaming about the game. It was so intense I didn't need to play, just lusting on the rational connections of the game. It's a good starting replacement.If you have personal friends that have been through that issue, fear not. They'll help you more often than a blahtherapy member could :pIf you need anything else or a personal talk, feel free to reach me here ;)Hope you make it!Me