I Lost My Lipginity!!


For a while now I had been talking to this super hot guy named Houston and he was always flirting with me and making sexual jokes but I tried to ignore the sexual stuff. By the way, I’m only 15 and he’s 17. So we kept talking for a few weeks and then last Friday, he pulled me out in the hallway and kissed me. He didn’t know this but that was my first kiss (which is why the title of this has the word lipginity in it, if anyone was confused on what that was). Then the next time I saw him, he basically told me that he was only talking to me because he wanted to have sex and that he was never planning on actually going out with me because he doesn’t do relationships. At first, I felt rejected, then angry, and now I’m just wondering if there’s something wrong with me because guys always seem to think they can just use me for sex and then throw me away. It’s frustrating!! And what’s more frustrating is that I had my mind set on giving up my lipginity to someone special so I wouldn’t ever forget it and instead I gave it up to a guy who didn’t want me at all other than for my ASSets.

Category: asked October 2, 2013

3 Answers

HI there! Congrats on your first kiss, but from the sounds of it, this guy is looking for just sex and no relationship. I say, if that's what you're looking for, maybe see where it goes, however... if you're looking for a more serious relationship he is not the guy for you.Think about you first. What is it that YOU want out of this?There is so much time and so many more out there who can give you more. Do what's right for you!
That's EXTREMELY rude of him. Guys can be jerks, but not all of them are (or at least, not in the same way). Anyway, I'm very sorry that your first kiss got stolen by an asshole, but at the same time at least it was just a kiss. I suppose just be cautious in the future, especially when doing things more than kissing. I'm sorry that happened to you, that sucks):
Congrats on your first kiss!!!!♥ Atleast it was only a kiss i hope you find someone who wants you for your personality because to me you seem to be patient and loyal to wait that long for a first kiss. I hope you find someone because some guys are jerks.♥