I like a cancer boy, does he like me? Platonically or romantically?


this question feels so juvenile but I can’t help myself. So, my co-worker and i talk pretty much every day for hours (sometimes all day!!) – this has been going on for almost a month…a month ‘n a half. his text messages r always 3 paragraphs long ‘n we talk at work too occasionally. I can’t help but feel he’s too shy to talk to me all the time in person (same with me – I’m shy and have a crush on him lmao)!
He gave me his number and was quick + shy about it. Seemed like he wanted to give me the number and leave in case I gave him a weird look or something. But i was actually really glad. We r friends on animal crossing and i bought him a gift on there..he ended up buying me one too even though I wasn’t expecting him to get me one. I complimented his outfit once and he said mine was better :] UMM..I gave him something in person bc I didn’t need it and the next day he gave me a gift (which I wasn’t expecting AGAIN) – nonetheless I was flattered. He usually texts me first. It’s pretty balanced but sometimes I won’t respond to his text for a few hours bc I’m doing something else and he’ll text again about something else :] He gives off such genuine warm vibes around me and I think we both like being around each other. sometimes at work he’ll try to work closer to me and we’ll start talking. I never see him staring at me or whatever – not that that says anything more or less (I try not to stare at him bc it might come off as WEIRD). ALSO we always ask each other if we’re working the next day (I ask bc I’m hoping I”ll get to see him :])
I’m a virgo gal and he’s a cancer boy. Wondering if anyone astrology savvy has anything to say about his character and my situation. I feel like I”m typing way too much so hopefully this is enough

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It seems like you both really like each other. You two text each other and you seem to get along well. Plus you buy gifts for each other. It looks like he's into you too. Don't concentrate so much on astrology. Ask him out or tell him you like him. Eventually one of you has to take the first step.
Maybe ask him out? It sounds like you're getting along really well and I would not be surprised if he's into you in fact that's exactly what it sounds like! That was really cute to read actually, good luck!
Uhh maybe I shouldn't speak as I m not very much astrology kind of person but I don't think that he being cancer and you being Virgo can ever be a problem. I will say if he is a nice as it sounds he is, then well you two can get along and shy is actually good cause shy also mean that he will respect you and basically that he is not a bad guy at least :)