I have Bipolar… now what?


I have so many questions that can’t seemed to be answered. What do I do now that I know?

- How is this going to effect the way I interact with other people now?
- How will this effect my relationships from here on out? Is it possible to ever settle down when you have this condition?
- Bottom Line: Is there a chance at a normal/happy life?
- “Bipolar” isn’t a big deal, right?
- I want to tell my story but I don’t know how or where to start?
- Then there’s the Meds. Does it really kill your creativity? Does it really turn you into a zombie? Or is this all trial by error type of stuff where you really won’t know until you try it?
- Meds. Does it really kill your sex drive?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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2 Answers

Hey there.- Being bipolar has made me more sympathetic to other people’s problems and able to read people more easily. On the down side, I definitely regret how I’ve treated people while being ‘moody’ and unstable. I try to be open and honest and my friends and I seem to have an easier time handling the harder times. - I’m married with bipolar and lead a pretty normal life so it’s possible! Just like any disorder, there’s just a learning period. There are a lot of books on the subject! I found a local bipolar support group that helped me find some resources. - Right, not that big of a deal! - If you’re going to write your story but you’re having difficulty finding a starting place, maybe you could start with how you’re feeling today in a journal and branch out from there, maybe how you felt differently last year or the same? - The SSRI/SRNIs make me feel zombie-ish and make it difficult for me to concentrate. Mood stabilizers do not. Unfortunately, there’s no one answer what is going to work for you. My suggestion is to give the medicines they suggest a couple of months to start working and keep a journal. If you notice negative symptoms, talk to your psychiatrist about it. I’m taking Latuda and it’s done well for me so far! - Libido is kind of like appetite for meds. Some people eat everything when they’re depressed so when they start taking a medicine and start feeling better, they eat less. Some people don’t eat when they’re down so the meds make them hungry. I haven’t really noticed a change in my libido with the atypical antipsychotics (Latuda is one of them.) SSRIs increased the libido, but it calmed down after a few weeks.Good luck!
Being bipolar isn't that bad, actually. The only downside of being bipolar is mood swings, depending which bipolar type you are, other than that you're normal. I may not know anything about the medications and stuff but i know that the only thing you need is someone you who can stay by your side through it all. If you're having trouble finding someone who you can trust you could always go to your parents. I know that sometimes your mom and dad could be a little annoying but they can sometimes be the only resort you could go to and they can be your best friends. Your life won't change unless you make it. We are given a life and its up to us to make it Happy or Sad. Just live on find friends, talk, and be yourself even though you may have mood swings, it's fine.