I go to mental health services tomorrow and my councillor is not helping me very well. Any advice on


I suffer from diagnosed depression and mild autism. Since I been taking Prozac my highs gone all messed up. I been checked up for bipolar as I been suspected. I feel so frustrated because I wake up with elevated levels like I can’t control my hypo mania. And there is a week where I don’t feel like waking up. This is when I feel like not doing the usual routine. I get senses of feelings of abandonment. I don’t know what to do. The other day I had four hours of sleep and I went to tafe wide awake and energised. I took half of my meds at morning then the other till later. I tell my counsellor this but she doesn’t take it too seriously. She can be so naive. What do I do? Btw I’m 16 almost 17. If I don’t get on the right medication I won’t be able to mentally recover

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I think it's important that you have a counsellor who takes you seriously, so if you don't feel that this particular counsellor is doing so, then perhaps you should discuss with your parents, care provider or doctor, about switching to a different counsellor. Sometimes, we just don't "gel" with certain people, and if that is the case with you, then the sooner you can rectify the situation, then the sooner you will get the help you both need and deserve. Best of luck to you Maddison :)