I Feel Stuck


I found out that my entired household basically hates me. Especially my step-mother, though she acts like she cares. They say that I’m a liar, a theif, and not trustworthy. And then they complain that I don’t open up to them. I tried to have a decent conversation with my grandmother about what was going on via phone, but my father opened my door, asking why I was being so private. I tried to close it, but he wouldn’t let me. I can’t even have a freaking phone call. I have no money, I’m only sixteen and my mother, who hates me as well just less, is half way across the country. Telling my family about my hurt and feelings is completely out of the question. What the hell do I do?

Category: Tags: asked March 29, 2013

1 Answer

Why is telling your family about your feelings out of the question? Maybe opening up their eyes will be beneficial. I'd also try to let your grandmother know about what's going on, if you like her. No one should have to live in a household of bitter people. And especially do not tell yourself everyone in your household hates you. Hate is a strong word, and they probably love you very much.