I feel so jealous of my best friend


I’m a guy and I kinda get this sort of jealous bizz at my best friend who is also a guy. We’ve been best friends since high school and we kinda have the same age but he’s 6 months older than me. How would I describe him for you, well.. he’s athletic,handsome,a total charmer and he’s probably one of the kindest friends I got. He usually gives me a lot of life morals which I look up to and for me, he’s kinda like one of my role models in life. But what stirs my jealousy is how I see him in all his successes and all the things he’s done. Like whenever I hear him say he’s got a lot of friends in school ( he’s kinda like one of the popular guys in school ) I get so jealous cuz I only have a few and my highschool friends count. When I knew he’s got a ton of chicks that constantly stalk him and getting his cellphone number, and my family likes him a lot. So during the days , whenever I see him through the campus Im beggining to snub him even though he keeps calling my name because I got angry at him all of a sudden so whenever I see his face in facebook or in real life im starting to become this whole different person that I never was. I would become angry and depressed, there are times that I would be alone at school sitting on the empty benches. And I’m scared to approach this issue to my friends and family.

asked March 28, 2014

2 Answers

No two ppl have the same life. Embrace the things that you like about yourself and stop comparing yourself to your friend. You are no less a person, just different from him.....Learn what you can from him and apply those traits into your own world. He apparently sees in you a awesome person or he wouldn't be your friend....:)
Don't talk to him about... it will just make things worse. I know we always say talking is the best but not in all cases. I would say since you have realized this is abnormal feelings, it happens, even to the best of us, there's always that one friend who is more handsome, more stylish, more charming, more intelligent, the list goes on and on.. and it's not their fault they've been lucky and blessed. Like u say he is a kind friend.You have confidence issues, and your friend jis got trapped in the cross fire!!! Try working on your self esteem... copy your friend if it would make u feel better but don't compete with him cos it wud jis hurt u even more wen u can't beat him.Read a book on self esteem and other things that might help like doing things that you are good at.But don't talk to your friend... you will just feel judge, he probably won't even understand where u are coming from because he doesn't sound pompus!!Hope I helped!!!