I Feel Lost…


I’m about 21 years of age, still in college, taking up a finance degree. But right now I don’t really feel like I should even pursue this degree since I just recently realized that I have no interest in it and I don’t really see myself as a finance kinda guy in the near future. Right now I’m totally lost, and clueless as to what I should do or what career path I should take on. But somehow, literature and creative writing has somehow helped me envision a journalism career. Will I be able to have a journalism career if I never finished the degree I’m currently taking right now? Or do I have to take a journalism degree?

Category: asked January 4, 2015

1 Answer

I encourage you to finish the finance degree. Then set out to be a writer. It is amazing how many journalists do not have journalism degrees. And having a finance degree could actually give you a competitive advantage in the journalism field.
Make sure that you take enough writing classes to sharpen your skills, and seek out contacts within the journalism industry. Definitely try writing on some financial subjects to see if that is of interest to you. Finances are a subject that many people do not understand well, and someone that can explain money subjects easily to an audience would be in demand.
Remember, the finance degree does not mean that you cant be a journalist. Finish your finance degree and then use that degree to start your career as a journalist!