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Okay so there’s this guy. Whenever he likes a girl and she likes him back and they hang out all the time and then he just starts completely ignoring them. He’s done this to a few girls this year (including me) and I just don’t get it. Also, he had a bestfriend and they were really close and had been for ages and suddenly he just started ignoring him. Also he always seems really sad. Ahhh it’s so confusing!! Does anyone know why he’s doing this?

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seems like maybe he has a commitment problem, which is fine at young ages. he just isnt ready for something big or serious, wants a more casual thing. maybe he has self confidence problems. the best way to find out is to go talk to him about it! c:
He could feel like he's not good enough for anyone, and would be a burden to them. I feel like this all the time and I don't talk to anyone until they talk to me first. You should definitely go and talk to him.
There is a guy like that in my school... i think he does it b/c he gets tired of just one girl, or one best friend, he is one of those guys who you might have a one night stand with but never an actual relationship.
If you see him and he's sad, ask him what's wrong. And perhaps his brief connection with people is just a character flaw. Anyways, I think it might actually make him feel nice if you asked him what was wrong and something was actually wrong. He might say something about it, he might just say nothing. Either way, it's worth the risk. I've talked to a guy once and told him about