I Don’t Know What’s Going On???


So, yes, I started taking medication about five days ago and in that time I have been nothing but an anxious wreck and worse as time goes on and now I’m not sleeping at all and jumpy and I’m shaking and my legs keep getting pins and needles really weirdly and I’m sooo thirsty but it’s all the time.
I keep on thinking weird and having really weird thoughts and my emotions are sort of on a wack too.
Thing is, I’m on the literal lowest dose ever of the medication. Like… barely anything. So it probably has nothing to do with the medication at all.
I don’t know, I’m just really confused and scared cause oh my god, you’d think after spending two weeks in a mental hospital and being given a prescription would actually help me out, huh?

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2 Answers

On average, it takes any medication for anxiety or depression, to take positive effect after 2 weeks. I would bare through it for another week, and and 2 days. If by then you still continue to feel this way, then go back to your doctor and tell them that it's making you worse/not working properly. Don't psych yourself out either. Sometimes we start taking medication and believe so much that it will not work, that you are mentally making yourself worse. Other then that, take a look at your outside environment. What else is causing you to become this way? Sometimes we don't even need medication, sometimes we just need a change in lifestyle. There is nothing you can not change!
Hey there.

First, what prescription is it? Some are known to make you worse before you get better, so it really depends. A quick Google search will clear that up.

If it really has got nothing to do with the medication, turn to therapy. It could be professional, or just talking to someone on this site (feel free to PM me!), or just chatting with a trusted friend.

I have a close friend with really bad anxiety; she was forced to drop out of school and couldn't go out in public places for over 6 months, and is only just getting better. Slowly, but surely. I'm not sure what your condition is, but it sounds like anxiety? Sorry if I made the wrong assumption heh :P

Anyway, what she did to make herself feel better was really just to have a trusted friend contactable when she had an episode, someone who could calm her down. Otherwise, she'd sit down and focus her thoughts. It was hella tough, but she somehow managed to force herself to (after a long, loooong, loooooooong time) and what helped her was by listening to what she called "happy music".

But everyone's different, so maybe you don't need music, or maybe you need a good painting, or a puzzle to solve, something of the sort to distract yourself from whatever's stressing you and focus on something else.

Do let your family and friends know about this, and they'll definitely be of help to you. Laughter and love are the best medicines there are! :)

If you really need someone to talk to confidentially, feel free to PM me, since we are strangers, I couldn't possibly rat on you or whatever HAHA

All the best to you, and remember that recovery is not only possible, it is inevitable. Hang in there sweetheart!